Steps on how to use your health insurance

Welcome to IMG Global Insurance! 


AIESEC US has chosen this insurance policy for you.

Your new medical insurance ID card from has been sent to you via email. 





Your Insurance ID card:

  • proves that you have health insurance. 
  • contains information that providers, urgent care and hospitals will use to get paid by your insurance company. 
  • provides contact information for IMG Global Insurance Customer Care in case you have questions.

Providers’ offices will usually make a copy of your insurance card the first time they see you as a patient and they might ask for your ID or other proof of identification as well. 



You should review your brochure for your plan’s benefits and limitations. Deductibles, copayments, and exclusions etc. See below for descriptions of deductible, coinsurance and copayments.


There are some links throughout this page with information about how to use your insurance effectively. If you have any questions or need additional information about your coverage or account, please contact Customer Care at or +1.800.628.4664. 


MyIMG is our convenient online portal where you can:

  • Submit bills and manage claims
  • Access Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Obtain ID cards and other insurance documents
  • Access Customer Care via Live Chat, email or telephone
  • Locate a provider/facility/urgent care 


Set up your account at  by creating a username and password. You will need your ID number and date of birth. 

For more information about MyIMG:  MyIMG Video 



Always utilize Teladoc/Telemedicine firstThis provides remote doctor visits. It allows patients to connect with healthcare providers remotely, either through video conferencing or through phone calls, to receive medical care without having to be in the same physical location. Telemedicine can be used for a variety of medical services, including consultations, diagnoses, and treatment plans. It is especially useful in situations where a patient may not be able to physically visit a healthcare facility, such as during the COVID-19, earache, flu, sore throat or when a patient lives in a rural area. There is no cost to you for using Teladoc/Telemedicine.  You are not subject to your deductible 


First, you will need to create a profile on the Teladoc/Telemedicine web site or the app.


Always use zip code 46208 when creating your profile. 



Emergency room care and certain tests of a more serious nature such as MRI’s and CAT scans, will need to be approved within 48 hours of your treatment to be sure they are covered. 

  • Inpatient Hospitalization
  • Surgery or Surgical procedure
  • Extended Care Facility
  • Interfacility Ambulance Transfer
  • Home Nursing Care
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy


What’s a Provider Network and the importance of it? 

Find out more about “in network” and “out of Network” coverage. UnitedHealthcare is your in-network provider. UnitedHealthcare Provider Link:

If you see a provider out of network, you will be subject to additional costs.

When you receive healthcare services from providers that are in your insurance network, your out-of-pocket costs are typically lower than they would be if you received care from an out of network provider.


URGENT CARE – $50 co-payment 

You can choose to go to an urgent care center. These centers can treat some serious injuries and illnesses and typically, you will not wait as long you would at the hospital.  At urgent care centers, you can go there to get stitches for a bad cut or injuries that require immediate attention.  Some urgent cares will take x-rays for if needed.  UnitedHealthcare provider search to find an Urgent Care location.

If you are having a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911 or go to the local hospitals’ emergency room. You may be subject to your deductible an emergency room copayment if utilize an emergency room visit.  Please review your brochure for details.  UnitedHealthcare provider search


How do I find an urgent care, doctor, specialist or hospital?

  • Find an urgent care location, doctor, specialist or hospital
  • Search the Network: Options PPO 
  • Choose your location – city and zip code
  • Find Health Care by Category – doctor, medical group, hospital, urgent care, specialist, office visits, labs etc.


Submitting a Claim – Find out how to complete a Claim Form, how to file your insurance claim, and find copies of the Claim Form and Accident Questionnaire.


If you have any questions or need additional information about your coverage or account, please contact Customer Care at or +1.800.628.4664.

UnitedHealthcare Provider Link:

GoodRX – Take advantage of the app that helps you find the lowest cost prescription drugs in your area. Mobile app that provides users with discounts at pharmacies in your area. It allows you to compare prices for different medications and find coupons and discounts that can lower the cost of a prescription. GoodRX offers a pharmacy card that you can present at participating pharmacies. GoodRX is not a pharmacy.


When you have your prescriptions filled. Please remember to keep the receipts, copy of the prescription and how you paid for that prescription to submit for reimbursement from IMG.

Other Details

 The deductible is the amount of money that you must pay prior to receiving benefits or coverage under this insurance. After you pay your deductible, the rest of your medical care is covered for the remainder of that term unless your plan includes a copayment or coinsurance. Please reference your brochure for details

Copay, which is a flat fee you pay anytime you are provided certain types of health care services. $50 copay for Urgent Care visits.

Your plan may not have coinsurance; check your brochure. Coinsurance is the percentage of your medical costs that you must pay after reaching your deductible. When you incur health care costs from a medical provider/procedure, you must pay out of pocket until you spend a certain amount, known as your deductible. Once you have paid your deductible, your insurance company starts splitting the cost of future care, based on a set percentage of the costs. The percentage that you pay is your coinsurance (10%). IMG will pay 90% of your coinsurance and you will pay 10%. 

Coinsurance is different from a copay, which is a flat fee you pay anytime you get certain types of health care services.

As an example, let’s say you go to the hospital and get a bill of $4,000 to have a minor surgery. You’ll need to pay your $350.00 per injury/per illness deductible, then, the 10% co insurance for that surgery.

The balance after the deductible is $3,650.00. You will need to pay 10% of that before the insurance company pays. 10% of that is $365.00 that you will owe to the provider.

You are covered for COVID-19 (COVID-19), the same as any other illness; as long as it is not a pre-existing condition. In other words, it wasn’t contracted before your coverage start date and does not fall within any other exclusion or limitations of the insurance policy. You will want to make sure you seek immediate care, if you exhibit any of the COVID symptoms. If you are not experiencing symptoms and are having a preventative COVID test, your test will not be covered by your insurance. When you visit the COVID test center, you should mention that you are experiencing symptoms for the test to be covered by insurance. 

If you have any questions or need additional information about your coverage or account, please contact Customer Care at or +1.800.628.4664.